The Finger Lakes have long been a getaway for Philly, NYC and Connecticut residents looking for a country escape. The region is home to one of the most visited state parks in New York, Watkins Glen, surrounding multiple waterfalls and a stunning gorge. Tourists head out on sunset sails on Seneca Lake aboard the traditional…(Read More)

One of my favorite activities is to take roads in New York I’ve never driven, turn up music loud and put all the windows down while putting forth my best effort to get lost and discover some new interesting thing I want to stop and take a picture of. An interesting mailbox, a historic…(Read More)

This is not your ordinary winery Getaway on the wine trail! In fact…it’s a wienery! The FLX Wienery is a fairly new stop along the Seneca Lake wine trail, Dundee, New York. Hot dogs and hamburgers and everything in between with a new twist and fancier form. Brainchild of Chef Christopher Bates and…(Read More)

RULE NO. 4:  Even a Hot-Dog Shack Can Have a Top-Notch List If anything embodies the wine-ification of America, it’s the surprising places tasty wine is popping up. Drink at That Hot-Dog Joint Master Sommelier Christopher Bates worked at world-class restaurants before opening F.L.X. Wienery in the…(Read More)